Packaging Machinery

Pallet Wrapping Machinery


Pallet wrapping machines are designed to help companies reduce their overheads on packaging, labour and waste products. Pallet wrappers work by applying a layer of packaging film around a pallet full of product to stabilise them for transport.


Preventing products moving whilst in transit is a key consideration for any business, damaged product is no good to anybody.

Label Applicators


Automatic labelling machines are used to apply informational and decorational labels to products to display important consumer information or product branding. They can also be used to apply security labels to products which are used to safeguard products against tampering.


It is important that all products are properly labelled, not only to enhance the look of the product but also to meet with the required laws regarding product labelling. Products will need to display certain information like the date it was manufactured, the date it expires, the products ingredients, weight etc.

Case Erectors


A case erector is an automated machine that will take flat packed boxes and automatically assemble them ready for product to placed inside. This removes the need for companies to buy pre-assembled boxes which is an obvious space saver.


Case erectors, or carton erectors, are used in many modern manufacturing facilities as they offer a significant saving on labour and allow everything to packed in-line.